In light of our recent $6.6m quote for redeveloping the cinema, you may well be asking where is our building project up to at the moment?

OEC’s Building Committee has met twice in recent weeks with Bruce Litchfield, the Sydney Anglican Schools Building Project Manager. Bruce has been particularly helpful in guiding us to think through our building project.

We have developed a draft strategic plan to use as a guide for developing our building project. We have also considered the function and finance of our two potential building sites at the Australia Cinema and Ploughman’s Lane. It is the aim of the building committee to put forward a well reasoned and informed proposal for our building project before the AGM in April, 2016. This should give all people of OEC time to consider and question the proposal before a vote by the partners at the AGM. Please continue to pray for wisdom, God’s guidance and that we would develop a building that helps us take our part in growing the kingdom of God in Orange and beyond

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