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February 2016 – Update

February 2016 – Update

You may have seen on last Friday’s News 2 Notice mention of an impending move of the office up the road from its current location to the Australia Cinema site. Praise God that we recently received an occupation certificate for the Australia Cinema but it’s important to note that the office move in no way pre-empts any recommendation from the building committee to or final decision by the OEC partnership about our ministry centre project.

Rather we believe it to be a prudent use of the resources God has blessed us with, as outlined below:

– The lease on the current office (which has long been inadequate for our needs) is due to expire on 7 March. A renewal of the current office lease would commit us to an annual rent of $27,000 per year. Since 1 July 2015 we have also been paying council rates ($10,000 per year) on the Australia Cinema. The move will save $27,000 per year in rent, provide more space and also put us in a strong position to save on council rates.

– We are aiming to move the office by 7 March, watch out for further requests for help.

– There is some minor building works to be completed to make the foyer area suitable for office and reception use, and other areas suitable for holding smaller meetings (groups of up to 20).

– Total cost of works is expected to be $20,000 this includes all building works as well as the work required to obtain an occupation certificate, mostly on the fire system. As well as the savings mentioned above it should leave us with office space that would rent commercially for $40,000 per year.

As always if you’d like to provide feedback or ask questions abut our ministry centre project, including on the strategic plan presented (via video and in writing) over the last few weeks then please email us.


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