Many thanks to all who provided feedback on the draft floor plans via email and at two public meetings late in 2016. Responses to the key issues raised during this process, including responses to feedback on those draft plans as a result of feedback, are detailed to in the FAQs section of the Building for the Future website. The finalised floor plans can also be accessed on the website, click here.
Call for feedback by 15th February on draft elevations and site plan
It is important to note that only the floor plan and the orientation of the building has been finalised. Internal fit-out, elevations and outside areas (site plan) are still under consideration. Draft elevations, including proposed materials, were displayed at last yesterday’s combined meeting and are now available on the Building for the Future website.
Click here for our site plan options
Click here for our draft elevation plans
Click here for our draft North/South/East/West elevation plans
A brief note on some of the proposed materials:

  • the orange coloured section of wall on the western elevation is Danpalon cladding – a perspex like cladding material that would allow natural light into the auditorium,
  • the Eastern elevation is a full wall of ‘shop front glass’ with cedar louvre style cladding for part of the wall
  • other materials are relatively cheap commercial metal and compressed fibre sheeting

Feedback can be received via email until 15th February. On the 16th February the building committee will consider all feedback received and take proposed adjustments to our architect. Revised elevations will be then be distributed ahead of the Annual General Meeting on 19th March for consideration by partners for their approval prior to a development application submission with the Council. Please continue to pray that this ministry centre project will serve the cause of the gospel in Orange and beyond.  


For further information about the building project visit the B4F homepage.


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