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Building for the Future

Our Story

In 1995 God began OEC with wise and godly people who laid a solid biblical foundation in Christ. God has steadily grown OEC’s numbers and ministry to the point where we are bursting out of the venues we currently use.

By God’s grace we’re now expanding our ministry activities and developing options for a building that will support our current and future activities. This is an exciting prospect, but the need is urgent and the work is ours to complete.. We’ll have more room to grow for many years. God requires us to be good stewards by investing what we have been given into gospel ministry and continuing to make disciples and grow God’s kingdom.

The vision we have is not just for a building: it is for building gospel ministry in Orange. God has given us an extraordinary opportunity to build for the future, for the sake of the gospel and the glory of God. I hope that you share this vision and can commit to it personally, prayerfully and financially.


Who are we now?

We are currently a church of about 750 people and 500 of us turn up to church on the average Sunday. About 250 of us are under 18 years old. We have a variety of ministries operating each week including 4 Sunday services as well as Growth Groups during the day and night, Fab Fun & Seniors, Mens’ and Womens’ Evangelistic events, Adrenalites, Kidzone & OEC Youth, Regional Christian Training College (RCTC), Christianity Explored, Tradie’s tracks, Meals Ministries, Weddings, Funerals, Scripture and Camps.

How did we get here?

We have grown from a group of around 50 people in 1995 at an average growth rate of 14.5% every year since. We have grown through people moving to Orange and looking for a bible teaching church and through people returning to church or becoming Christians.

What could the future look like?

If we grow at just 10% each year, in ten years we’ll have 1900 people calling OEC home and 1200 people coming to our services each week.

What does this mean for our building project?

We need a building that will cope with our expected growth. We need to be able to service our needs on a Sunday and all of our other ministry needs throughout the week.

Latest Video

We recently asked Andrew Mitchell, Senior Pastor at the Central Coast Evangelical Church in Erina, about their recently completed Church building project Click below to watch the video

Final Building Plans – Ploughmans Lane

Click here
for our final plans that have now received DA approval.

Funding our Ministry Centre

If you call OEC your home church

Then please read through our Good Giving Guide to help inform your giving to OEC and to the gospel vision we share. Whilst we work towards finalising options and plans for the Ministry Centre development, the fundraising effort is well and truly underway.

How to give…

You can support OEC’s ministry and Ministry Centre by scheduling transfers from your bank account to OEC’s bank account. Alternatively you can authorise OEC to take regular amounts from either your credit card or bank account at no cost to you. Simply complete the relevant form(s) below and email to finance@oechurch.org.au.

For anyone who would like to support us…

If you would like to make a donation or regular donations, please make use of our PayPal gateway. Simply click the “Donate Now” button where you will be taken to a secure transaction portal. If you have any questions or concerns about an unacknowledged donation or you would like to change or cancel your authorised giving at any time then please email finance@oecchurch.org.au.



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