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Community Outreach

With our mission to reach Orange and beyond for Christ, community outreach is an important part of our work.

Neighbourhood Team

Neighbourhood Team was the brainchild of an OEC member who wanted us to “reach struggling neighborhoods with the Gospel of Jesus by providing a real service to each resident, free of charge”. Teams of volunteers go out on the first Saturday of each month and mow lawns, trim edges and do a general garden tidy, in the area behind the Orange showground between Margaret & Phillip streets.

We started in May 2009 with about 30 workers divided into four teams and a prayer team of about five people which still meets with the team and then prays over the ministry and for the residents.

While we started with about 18 yards, many are no longer being mown as the houses in the area have been sold to private owners, although small numbers of new clients seem to continue to get added. We originally had four teams, then three, but increasingly we only have two or sometimes we do all the yards together when volunteer numbers are particularly low.

Some people have been involved even if they don’t do any mowing. We like to have people on each team who are able to have friendly conversations with each household as we mow.


Lee Cook