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OEC Growth Groups

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are small groups that meet together during the week to help each other to grow in the knowledge and love of God in Christ.  They are a vital way we can work together to grow to become more like Christ.  They are a great way to get to know people from your congregation and to be a part of serving them in meaningful and powerful ways.

Within OEC there are men’s groups, women’s groups, mixed groups, groups that meet in the evenings, early mornings before work, later mornings and afternoon.  Basically, if you would like to meet together with others to read and to pray and to encourage one another – there will be a group for you.


Growth Group Co-Ordinator

Greg Blanch:  greg@oechurch.org.au

Church@9:30 Growth Groups

Bruce Bennett: bruce@oechurch.org.au

Church@10:30 Growth Groups

Paul Owens:  paul@oechurch.org.au

Church@4 Growth Groups

Greg Blanch: greg@oechurch.org.au

Church@6:30 Growth Groups

Steve White:  steve@oechurch.org.au

Men’s Growth Groups

Ross Hazelton: ross.hazelton@yahoo.com

Women’s Growth Groups

Suellen Milham: suellen@oechurch.org.au


Coming Up For Growth Groups

There are no upcoming events at this time.