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Men’s Ministry

OEC’s Men’s ministries encourage and equip all men to know God from His word, to encourage blokes to live for Jesus in every area of their lives, to spur one another on to love and good works, while holding each other accountable and encouraging one another in all of the struggles of our daily lives.

OEC Men’s Weekend Away

The key event for our Men’s ministry is our annual OEC Men’s weekend away which is held one weekend in June at Ridgecrest — about an hour from Orange. Our men gather together to be taught from God’s word, to grow together as mates, and to look out for each other in our walk of faith at a campsite that has great food, fantastic views and sets up a relaxed and casual weekend. Other events happen throughout the year as we encourage men to know, love and live for our great God.

Tradies Tracks

About 3-4 times a year we gather all of our blokes together, often around a barbie or a bonfire, to hear someone speak from the bible to men about how to live out our faith in the cut and thrust of everyday life. These events are aimed at dealing with issues that our tradies face in living out their Christian lives in a challenging workplace, although that means we will be dealing with topics relevant to all men. So, every bloke is welcome.

OEC Men in the CBD

Evangelistic events are held in a pub in the middle of Orange, aiming at reaching our workmates, friends and family with the good news of what Jesus has done for us. We meet every second month on a Friday lunch time, with the aim of being well fed from the pub and from the scriptures so that men who may never have heard of Jesus would be challenged to take the gospel seriously and start investigating what God has done for them.

Going The Distance

As Christian blokes it can be really easy to become disillusioned and worn down by other people’s expectations and our own, tripped up by temptations in our lives and the pressure to live as Christians in an increasingly non-Christian society. All these things can cause us to lose our focus on what it means to actually BE Christian blokes.
I reckon, this makes us start to “surrender” parts of our Christian walk – maybe sometimes without even realising we’ve done it – in order to ease the pressure we might feel if we look too different to the other guys around us.
Because of this, our lives can sometimes reflect the non-Christians around us more than reflecting the values the Bible lays down.
It can certainly start to feel like we’re doing this alone.
Whatever the reasons, we all have times where we struggle to run the good race and persevere, so the aim of these interviews is to utilise one the most readily available but probably most under used, weapons we have at our disposal – which is other Christian blokes.
We need to realise that we’re not alone in whatever it is we’re going through – not only do we have God’s Holy Spirit living in us and not only do we have Jesus’ example of perseverance in the face of fierce opposition to encourage us – but we also have each other. Other men provided by God. Men who’ve been through a lot of stuff. Men who’ve made mistakes. Men who’ve learned. Men who’ve kept running the race God has laid out before them.
Seeking advice from from other guys who know the Bible better than us is a great way to listen to God..


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    Bruce Bennett comes from a farming background and has spent all but four years of his life in country NSW. He is married to Robyn and has four adult children and (at time of writing) five grandchildren. Bruce’s four non-country years were spent at Moore College where he completed a Bachelor of Divinity. He has […]