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“PARTNERSHIP” – What is it all about?

Becoming a partner of OEC is a commitment.

It’s a bit like saying “I do.” It is making a commitment to the people of God in this church. It is saying, “I do” to the aims and goals of this church.

You don’t need to become a partner to contribute to the life and ministry of OEC, and we welcome all Christian people to share with us as members of Christ’s body.

Partnership does not make someone a Christian – only Jesus can do that! Becoming a partner means that you will aim to use your time, your resources and your life in serving Christ with others here at OEC. So partnership of OEC carries with it some significant responsibilities.

OEC is an incorporated association for reasons of legal identity and protection. Partners of OEC become formal members of the Association, i.e. OEC Inc., but partnership is about much more than that.


For further information on becoming an OEC Partner:

Please speak to your congregational pastor or congregational overseers, or contact the church office at office@oechurch.org.au