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RCTC – Regional Christian Training College

What is the Regional Christian Training College?

RCTC is a joint venture between Orange Evangelical Church and the Vocational Bible College to begin training Christians in Ministry and Theology in Orange. It is a campus of the Vocational Bible College (RTO #41496)

What training course will RCTC offer?

The training will be a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology (10433NAT*). It is a nationally recognised course in the Vocational Education Training sector. The course runs for two years.

Who is the training for?

The training is for everyday Christians who want to grow in their knowledge and love of God and grow their ministry skills so as to help them serve in their local church and be disciple makers. Christians who are retired, students, shift workers, mums, dads, unemployed, tradies and professionals will all learn and grow through this course.

When and where does the course begin?

A new subject begins each school term. You are welcome to join the course at the beginning of each subject.The course will be taught at the Orange Anglican Grammar School.

What will it cost?

The cost is $250 dollars per subject for attaining the qualification.
The course can be attended without attainment for $80 per subject.
There will be a one off administration charge of $50
There are 9 subjects.

RCTC will be offering scholarships for Cert IV after a simple application and assessment process. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please send us an email.


RCTC Curriculum

Introduction to the Bible (CMTTHE402A)

An overview of the Bible which shows how the Bible fits together as one big narrative centred on Jesus Christ and how each part of that story is relevant for today.

New Testament 1 (CMTTHE404A)

A detailed study of Mark’s Gospel that investigates the central truth of Christianity; the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Old Testament 1 (CMTTHE403A)

A study of the first five books of the Bible which sets the foundation for understanding the rest of the Bible and the ministry of Jesus.

Evangelism (CMTMIN402A)

Explores the central truths of the Christian message and various ways of explaining these truths simply to others.

Early Church History (CMTTHE401A)

A study of how early Christians understood and lived their faith: how they got things right and wrong and what that teaches us today.

Ministry and Life (BSBWOR404B)

Thinking through modern life so that we might be wise and godly stewards of the time and resources God has given us.

Discipleship B (CHCORG529B)

An exploration of what the Bible says about the full implications of being disciples of Jesus.

Ministry in Small Groups (CHCGROUP403D)

Training in the skills necessary for writing Bible studies and leading small groups.

Ethics of Family (CMTMIN401A)

Helps participants live in a way that honours Jesus in their families whether they are married, divorced, single, parents or not. It gives a Biblical overview of the nature and purposes of marriage and parenting. It has a special emphasis on how local churches can support couples, parents, and singles.


For further information:

Please contact our RCTC Co-ordinator, Geoff Hamilton, at rctc@oechurch.org.au