Special Religious Education

Primary School Scripture Authorisation, Curriculum and Training

OEC is an accredited provider of SRE for local schools. Our volunteers are approved under NSW Child Protection Legislation. They are appropriately trained in child protection, pedagogy and theology. We work in partnership with local churches with an approved curriculum which can be viewed in detail here.

Authorisation of a new teacher at OEC involves completing a ‘Leader Application’ form in an interview with one of the ministry staff, provision of a Working with Children Check (WWCC) number, which is verified by OEC administration, completing the online safe ministry course, agreeing to our Code of Conduct and having referees checked.  Volunteers are cross authorised through the Orange District Ministers Association.

Initial training includes an awareness of the Department of Education’s Code of Conduct, including the Social Media Policy which is outlined in a handbook given to teachers. OEC has a process of providing a letter to the school which identifies us as an approved provider and includes the names of authorised teachers, dates of birth and contact details. This letter is updated annually before the start of term 1 or as required.

OEC is committed to the ongoing training of our Scripture Teachers. These modules come from the course prepared by Godspace (Baptist Training Material):

Module 1: Teaching SRE in Government Schools is the opportunity to explore together ways of doing SRE that fit with the standards of schools and parents while teaching a biblical message. This includes the essential do’s and don’ts of staying within department of education guidelines.

Module 2: Learning and Teach is about communication and particularly ways to communicate effectively with kids, SRE appropriate language, messages that are shaping kids and different teaching styles.

Module 3: Preparing and delivering lessons focuses on what we teach, the curriculum, kids and our view of God, preparing and delivering the lessons and exploring on-going learning and support for teachers.

Module 4: Communicating in the Classroom is all about relating well to contemporary kids, group management and strategies to help kids learn.

Module 5: Introduction to the Bible/SRE & the Bible is an interactive Bible overview to help teachers have a good understanding of the development of the Bible, whem/where people and events fit into God’s story for us all and how to make this relevant for today’s kids and youth.

Module 6: Observation in the Classroom is an opportunity to observe a fellow teacher in the classroom and also be observed by someone (and to observe another teacher). It is strongly encouraged to reflect upon and implement feedback from this process.

Annual Refreshers are also included in the SRE teacher training.

OEC will provide an annual review and report on SRE teachers meeting the above requirements to the Department of Education.

Complaints Process

1. If a parent has a concern or question about SRE they are best to approach their child’s classroom teacher
2. The classroom teacher will then contact the SRE teacher or SRE Coordinator to discuss the complaint
    a. If the complaint can be easily resolved the classroom teacher will inform the parent of the resolution. The SRE teacher       informs the OEC Scripture Coordinator of the complaint and its resolution. If possible, it is best that it is done within 7 days.
    b. If the complaint cannot be easily resolved, the SRE teacher will contact the school SRE coordinator and OEC Scripture Coordinator to seek advice. This must be done within 48 hours of the issue being raised with them. it is expected that steps be taken towards resolving the complaint within 7 days.

Please call the OEC office for further information regarding SRE on 63621025

This document will be reviewed annually. 

Last reviewed January 2019.